The new revolutionary Datalogger

iDaq is the most intuitive and innovative solution to acquire signals from Nation Instrument-based test benches and lab tests.

iDaq is the perfect datalogger for non-technical users who want to visualize and store signals without configuring their hardware details.

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Silver product on LabVIEW Tools Network

iDaq is available on the LabVIEW Tools Network, achieving "Silver Product" level from the very beginning.

iDaq has also been one of the finalists in the Best Data Acquisition Product contest of the LabVIEW tools network 2013.

iDaq is everything you need

iDaq includes all the features you need for your job.

iDaq is versatile because it can be used with several measuring devices.
iDaq recognizes acquisition hardware and automatically configures it to utilize its full potential.
iDaq is user-friendly because it has an intuitive interface to help users in every step and it simplifies the management of all the connected sensors and devices.  iDaq is quick because it permits to store signal data in common spreadsheet formats in a few clicks.
iDaq is functional because it permits to simultaneously perform different tests and measurements using the same acquisition hardware.
iDaq is complete because it includes several advanced features, such as virtual channels and programmable triggers to manage your recording sessions.

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Supported hardware

iDaq supports NI-DAQmx and NI-XNET CAN devices.

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Access to any acquisition device on the net

iDaq includes the most advanced technologies for data distribution to allow users to view and process signals, regardless of the physical location of the measurement systems.

iDaq is the first datalogger created to deliver high-performance distributed computing solutions: every acquisition device is accessible on the net from other iDaq nodes.

Multiple users can connect to an acquisition device simultaneously.

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The first Datalogger programmable with LabVIEW

Engineers and LabVIEW developers can take advantage of the iDaq SDK in conjunction with iDaq and LabVIEW.

With iDaq SDK, developers can create their personal add-ons or standalone applications to expand iDaq capabilities, create custom interfaces, deliver new solutions to customers, save data streams into custom formats, and many more...

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