Friedrich - electronics technician:
"I had never seen a CompactDAQ before, with iDaq I was recording my test data after just three minutes"
Aaron - field engineer:
"iDaq has eliminated the problems that have so far made ​​lengthy, complex and sometimes impossible measurements."
Aaryan - electronic engineer:
"With iDaq, measuring and testing become easier and faster also for my not skilled technicians"

The next generation Data Logger

release Release date 11 Apr 2017
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iDaq is the most flexible software solution for Data Logging, available today. Thanks to its modern and functional interface, anyone can view, record and analyze signals in real time. No special skills are required because iDaq is the easiest solution to view signals and save data in a few clicks. Best in class data logger, iDaq has been choosen by many companies and technical laboratories worldwide.
iDaq simplifies the management of all connected transducers: everyone can setup its sensors in the optimal way in a few clicks.

iDaq is the most intuitive and complete datalogger for recording data from test benches and laboratory tests, which use a system of measurement based on National Instruments products. Powerful and intuitive, iDaq allows to get in shortest time the highest quality of measures.
iDaq includes the most advanced technologies for the distribution of the data, to allow users to work with signals, regardless of the physical location of the measurement systems.

iDaq can be used with many measuring devices. iDaq recognizes the acquisition hardware and automatically configures it to utilize its full potential. iDaq permits to run several independent tests simultaneously.
iDaq is multi-user because it allows multiple engineers to use the same measuring device for different purposes. Several different tests and measurements can be performed using the same acquisition device.

iDaq includes many functionalities created for automotive field in cooperation with Engineers and technicians that every day work on the cars of tomorrow. It supports XNET modules to acquire data from ECU based on CAN communication Protocol.

- Automatic identification of connected acquisition devices
- Automatic configuration of connected acquisition devices
- Intuitive interface to help user in every step
- Powerful management of connected sensors: signal calibration has never been so simple
- Real-time virtual channels, calculated from physical channels
- Handling of multiple windows to better display real-time data
- Real-time distributed computing network
- Programmable with LabVIEW
- Programmable triggers to start/stop recording sessions
- Simplification of the management of connected devices
- Perfect for non technical user
- Simultaneously tests and measurements can be performed using the same acquisition hardware
- Quick set-up
- Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
- Windows XP or higher
- 2 GB RAM (4 GB strongly suggested)
- Display with resolution 1280x768 or higher
- 200 MB free space on disk required by iDaq
- 800 MB free space on disk required by National Instruments device drivers
- Mouse or another pointing device
- National Instruments device drivers rel 9.3.x or higher


iDaq Introduction
Introduction to iDaq, the most innovative solution for recording data from test benches and laboratory tests.